The other day we stopped into Applebees to grab some dinner. We were seated under a vent, which made me quite cold. So after ordering our food, I politely asked the waitress if we could move to a different table.

She said, "Yes, how about a booth?" I replied with, "That would be great! Will we still be in your section?" Having worked as a waitress I knew what a hassle this could cause switching servers. Plus, she had already started the process with us, so I wanted to make sure she would get our tip.

After I had asked to move, my kids leaned across the table and said, "Mom, you're being a Karen."

I knew what a Karen was from TikTok, so I was not happy! A Karen is a middle-aged woman who complains all the time or is always asking to see a manager. She's basically never satisfied.

I might be middle-aged, but I'm pretty easygoing with a few diva moments.

Do you know what being a Karen means? Are you one or know someone is?

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