My mom saved a bird on Friday. I came home and she was in the backyard and MamaShow was bent over looking at the ground.

I opened the door and asked her what she was doing. She said she was worried about a baby bird that feel out of a nest that had sprung up in one of our gutters. Apparently the mom kicked out the bird and left it.

My mom didn't know what to do. So she left it for several hours. it was lethargic and things didn't look well.

She looked on Youtube for videos on how to care for a baby bird. She came into the living room and said, "I am gonna save that bird."

She scooped it up and put it in a blanketed box with a heating pad inside. She made a suggested concoction of baby rice cereal and dog food with boiled egg and it feeding it from a stick to minimize touching it.

Bird 2

The first night, she was up all night feeding it every 15- minutes. Giving it water via a water dropper. The next morning, I asked her how it was going. She said "I don't think it's going to make it." The bird was not really moving much. It didn't look good. We took off to run some errands. Came back several hours later and checked in. I asked MamaShow how things were. When I walked in her room, I heard a little bird chirp. That sounded like good news.

"How's it going?" I asked. She said with a smile, "It's doing good. It's been signing to me for the last two hours."

That was great news. So I named it Lazurus cause MamaShow brought it back to life.

Bird 1


Now what? If this thing gets any bigger, what do we do with it? Can we set it free back into the wild? Or is this hers for life?

If you can help us identify what type of bird this is, that would be appreciated. We want to do the right thing, we are just not sure what to do at this point.

Any insight here would be great for not only us, but for Lazurus. Thanks in advance!


All My Best,

The JimShow

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