Netflix is making good on their announcement earlier this year about raising their subscription prices.

This is a risky move in my opinion, especially since Apple just announced its streaming movie service (Apple TV Plus), which has already been deemed the "Netflix Killer" by employees. They are also going to be competing with other streaming services that are cheaper. So who is going to want to pay more when you can pay less for the same service?

Netflix is currently more expensive than Amazon TV or Hulu and will continue to be more expensive now since they are jumping up monthly prices by $1-$2. Will this be enough to force you away from Netflix or will you remain loyal to the original Netflix? The last time they did a major price jump in 2017 they lost 600,000 subscribers, and their stock price plummeted.

Personally, I don't this price jump will be enough to make me jump ship, but depending on how great Apple TV Plus is ... now that might change my mind.

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