Safety concerns is one of the biggest reasons Selah school officials are proposing a new primary school. Currently,  John Campbell Primary School in Selah is the biggest primary school in the state, spanning over three city blocks. With over 40 access points to the building, a fence was built around the entire campus, however, despite the decrease in access gates (28), safety is still a concern.

The size of the school also causes another issue: long transition times. According to KIMA, Principal Rob Darling says for some students to go from their classrooms to P.E. and back, it could take up to 15 minutes; which translates to about 45 hours of instruction time lost over the course of a school year (180 days).

School officials are seeking $44 million to build a second primary school in Selah that would alleviate the safety concerns and transition times for kids in the Selah community. The bond proposal will be on a special election ballot that is scheduled for April 24.

You can read more about the bond HERE. 

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