You know the lyrics, moving on up! That's what comes to mind when I think of Nino's Mexican Grill in Yakima and Union Gap. But, why would I be speaking about Nino's when you came for Wacky Crab Shack information? Because I wanted to give you the full story!

You might have noticed the original Nino's Mexican Grill location at 1601 E Washington Ave, Union Gap, WA 98903 has been closed for a bit. For a moment I thought Wacky Crab Shack was taking over but the correct information is even more exciting!

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I spoke with one of the owners of this family-run business, Norma, and I'm happy to report that the Union Gap Nino's is just expanding! Now, there will be even more room to enjoy all your favorites once it's open and while you wait don't forget they have a second Nino's Mexican Grill location that's open at 4001 Summitview Ave, Yakima, WA 98908. Here's where it all comes together.

Wacky Crab Shack

Located at 306 S 1st in Yakima, beginning Wednesday, December 15th, 2021 their newest adventure begins and it all came about during a family dinner!

Norma said her family loves seafood and a good crab boil.  Her brother happened to whip up a sauce that had them all drooling. It was so bomb, they knew they'd struck gold and needed to do something about it. So, in the spirit of delicious meals, Wacky Crab Shack was born! This isn't a franchise, this is a whole new experience for the Yakima Valley and beyond to enjoy.

This spot will offer full restaurant dine-in service as well as take-out options and at some point will also feature a drive-through. Yeah, baby! You'll have the opportunity to enjoy a table full of freshly cooked seafood with her brother's signature sauce and many others to choose from like signature cajun, garlic, or lemon butter sauces along with the Wacky Crab Shack special sauce which is a mixture of all of these incredible flavors mixed together!

You will also be able to order a menu full of cajun dishes, fish tacos, burritos, and tostadas with a large selection of ceviche's, calamari, AND something Norma's super excited about. Garbage nachos and garbage fries. Have you seen the videos of a can filled with layers of gooey cheese, chips, meat, beans and more being brought to your table and expertly pulled away to reveal a gorgeous stack of food to munch on! It's an experience in itself and one I can't wait to try.

Here are the Garbage Nachos

While their liquor license is being finalized they will be offering hang-over cures that are sure to get you back on track after any type of holiday party! Cheers to each and every one of you.

For now, the tentative hours will be Wednesday - Monday 11 am - 8 pm but make sure to follow them on social media so you won't miss any future updates and menu items being added!

Congratulations on your newest venture and can't wait to taste it all!

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