We've all been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the final Fifty Shades movie Fifty Shades Freed, which will be in theaters on Feb. 9. (OK, mainly us women have been anxiously awaiting this movie.)

There had been rumors floating around that Jamie Dornan, who plays the handsome Christian Grey, would go full frontal for the final movie. But a source is saying that he will only bare his bum and not a single millimeter of his frontal area.

I'm disappointed in hearing the news that he won't show off his frontal area. Not because I REALLY want to see it, but because why do movies show full frontals of women and not of men? How is that fair? Doesn't that feed into objectifying women?

If you've read the books, seen the first two movies or really know anything about the Fifty Shades trilogy, then you are already are aware that it's filled with sexual stuff. And I mean not--just-vanilla stuff!

So, it's almost expected that the movie should have some of that extra sexual stuff. Especially, since it's the final of the three.

Should Fifty Shades Freed include full frontal nudity?

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