Mandatory Facial Coverings began today for the State of Washington. Gov. Inslee's order to wear facial coverings in public and private places, claims to slow the spread of COVID. Many feel it has gone too far. Gov. Inslee said earlier this week in his announcement of the order, that facial coverings would be mandatory and that violators could be fined.

When asked if law enforcement would be enforcing the order, Gov. Inslee said it is misdemeanor and fines could result.

Yakima Sheriff
Yakima County Sheriff Bob Udell

Enter Yakima Sheriff Bob Udell. He has made it clear as to where he stands on enforcement on this order.

"It is the position shared by law enforcement throughout the state. Deputies will NOT be stopping, detaining, citing, or arresting people who are in public without a face covering." 

Several other Sheriffs have joined Udell in this stance. Lewis County Sheriff Robert Snaza has a similar stance. Klickitat County Sheriff Bob Songer agrees as well saying the govenor is "overstepping his bounds, violating peoples constituional rights."

Keep in mind, the Sheriff is the highest point law enforcer of thier county and like most law enforcement officers, have some latitude in law enforcement. This is practiced daily during traffic stops when you were speeding and got off with a warning.

Constitutional experts say forcing face coverings is unconstutional.

Because of the sheriffs power within the county, this is directly elected position voted on by the people of the county via elections. In most cases, sheriffs law enforcement powers exceed that of any other state or federal official. So they carry a lot of weight. This is why elections of sheriffs is so important. Voting in candidates of logic and sound reason and balanced with compassion are key attributes. Something to consider when in the next election.

With this said, we should all make an effort to wear a facial coverings if you can as it is the responsible thing to do. Legal or not.

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