I have to say that I'm more than thrilled with this Nordstrom sign going around on Facebook. I don't have a problem with retail stores trying to make money this holiday season, and it makes since to promote sale items this time of year. What bugs me is the fact that some stores will mess with "Black Friday" tradition just to make a buck. Last time I checked Thanksgiving was the Thursday before black Friday, and that means most families will gather to share an incredible meal and spend that quality time together before the holiday rush. This year some retailers trying to appeal to the Black Friday Shopper are now opening there doors on the Thursday before which just happens to be THANKSGIVING!

So what about the families of those who work in retail? They have to work Thanksgiving and then get up at an unimaginable hour to support the Black Friday rush. What is going on in America? It's all about the almighty dollar, and being the first to get a crack at the first round of Christmas shopping. I want to applaud Nordstrom for doing it their way and allowing there employees to celebrate and enjoy family time. I would also like to invite them back to Yakima, to setup shop and share their products with our fine citizens.