Yesterday, my husband and I were shopping in the West Valley Walmart. I was walking by the electronics department when something caught my eye! I stopped dead in my tracks, then ran to the familiar face that I love!

It was a "True Blood" display, but the thing that caught my eye was Alexandar Skarsgard's cardboard head!

The "True Blood" display has Stephen Moyer, Annie Paquin and Alexandar Skarsgard's heads on the top. Each head is a separate box on top of the display, which would be easily removed.

No ... I did not try to take Alexandar's head. OK ... maybe I tried to wiggle it a little to see if it would pop off easily.

I know that soon Walmart will take down the "True Blood" display and what will happen to Alexandar's head? Will it end up in the recycle bin?

I think that I could give Alexander's head a much better home. West Valley Walmart, can I please have the cardboard Alexander Skarsgard head?

This morning the Bull Pen called the store manager, here's what she said