One year ago this month the right side of my face was paralyzed.  The left side worked great, the right side, completely dead.  I had to tape my right eye lid shut at night so my eye wouldn't dry out.  My lips wouldn't seal, so drinking fluids and using mouthwash caused a mess.  I went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with Belles Palsy.  LUCKILY I only had it for about six weeks.  I've heard that people have had it for up to six months.  But in just that six weeks, I was miserable.  Smiling was embarrassing.  I didn't want to leave the house.  I wouldn't wish BP on anyone!  I'm still not exactly sure how I got it, but some people say it was stress related.  Who knows.

Anyway, check out this video below from one year ago today... I filmed myself blinking.  And since my eye lid was paralyzed, it wouldn't shut.  So you see what our eye balls do when we blink lol. It's SO WEIRD!!

This pic is me SMILING!!

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