From time to time, the Morning Bull Pen likes surprising folks around the valley with what we call Random Acts of Bullness -- such as giving rodeo tickets to kids or passing out free coffee at espresso stands.

We never figured on it happening the other way around, though.

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But sure enough, Michele's friend Tina showed up at the front desk Friday morning with a tray of our favorite drinks! You could call it a Reverse Random Act of Bullness.

It was great for a minute.

Unfortunately, just as we were getting ready to have our pictures taken with Tina, we managed to spill the drinks all over the main phone switchboard on our receptionist's desk. Penny was none too pleased, but Rik jumped in to help clean things up.

The switchboard's all dried out and working again now, and we'd like to send a big thank-you to Tina for her nice gesture.

In our case, however, maybe it's better to give than to receive -- because when somebody turns the tables on you, you're apt to spill your drink.

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