Children everywhere WON'T have to be traumatized by sitting on Santa's lap this year for the sake of an overpriced mall photo. You’ve seen the pictures of parents putting their, scared crying child in Santa’s arms. That’s one less thing you have to worry about this year. What you might want to worry about is explaining how this year might look different.

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Valley Malls and other malls including around the country are making their Christmas plans. And those plans DO include Santa, but most likely will NOT include kids sitting on his lap.

Since it’s 2020, and we live in Covid World, there is a no-contact Santa trend coming for the holidays.

Visits will look different this year with masks, plastic partitions, and photos from several safe feet away.

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Some malls are toying (see what I did there?) with the idea of having Santa isolated inside a giant snow globe, or using scenic backgrounds to make the experience less “Covidy” and more “holidayee”.

Some places are looking for Santa on Zoom calls with kids who don't feel safe coming to the mall.

To help your kids understand what is going on, the reason given is Santa’s' health.  According to a Santa experts, Santas are typically in two high-risk categories - over age 65 (he’s actually 1,749 years old, but hey whose counting) and a bit overweight.

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Since kids are little petri dishes of germs, it’s a good idea for all involved to once again to continue the asterisk year that is 2020 and keep masked up and distanced up.

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After all, who wants Santa to get sick? Especially during the holidays. I mean, Santa’s got a big day ahead of him on December 25th, so let’s make sure he is well enough to get the job done for all kids around the world.


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