It's all happening people! If you haven't heard of Daily Deals, let me treat you to the details. All the packages that were ordered on Amazon, but sent back for whatever reason, apparently have been stored in our area and every week, are laid out on tables to purchase! The price for this items ticks down from $12 on Friday, $10 on Saturday, $8 on Sunday, $5 on Monday, $3 on Tuesday and $1 on Wednesdays!

They close on Thursdays to restock the tables with fresh items and the madness begins again!

Did You See Daily Deals is Moving?

I have heard such good things about this store, my co-worker Laura LOVES finding awesome deals and has shown me full outfits she's been able to put together that normally would have cost her hundreds of dollars instead of the $20 she spent!

They were located in Union Gap, with a very small parking but my Mom noticed a sign a few weeks ago and now there are even more updates.

Daily Deals will still have a discount store at 3001 Main St, Union Gap, WA 98903 Union Gap but the main store will move to to Yakima, inside where the Ace Hardware building used to be! 3700 Tieton Drive.

This is huge news because the parking lot and space are SO much bigger!

According to the Daily Deals Facebook Page

We are moving to our new location on the 17th of June. Make sure to not miss out on our Grand Opening! The address is 3700 Tieton Dr, Yakima, WA 98902 and we will be opening the doors open at 9am and will be open until 8. The previous location will still be open but it will be an outlet with set prices at 50% off or more on items. Thank You!

screenshot from Daily Deals Facebook Page
screenshot from Daily Deals Facebook Page

Daily Deals

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