When I chose to attend Monday's Buffalo Bills-Seattle Seahawks NFL game, I had one person in mind: my friend Sheri, who is a diehard Bills fan! My goal was to invite her and her husband to the game with my husband and I.

I was a little worried that they wouldn't be able to attend, due to the game falling on a Monday night. Luckily, they both could go, but I didn't realize that Sheri hadn't been to a game since her oldest son Zach was 5 years old. He's now 22.

The reason broke my heart.

She told me that Seahawks fans sitting around them were being disrespectful and when she went to a concession stand with Zach, a Seahawk fan called her a word that we women hate to be called. She found a security guard nearby, but he told her he couldn't do anything with the name-calling man.

I reassured her that now if you have problems there are staff all around and a number to text or call.

We arrived early at the stadium so that we could see the players practice and warm up. Sheri wore her Bills jersey and I went with her as her muscle to the entrance where the Bills players emerge onto the field to practice and warm up. It's fun for any fan to see their favorite players up close. Some sign stuff and Sheri got a high five from one of the players. I have no idea who it was, but I was thrilled for her!

She wasn't as vocal for her team when something good happened during the game, which is probably from her past bad experience. She was holding back whooping and hollering, which makes me sad because she should be able to freely cheer her team on.

We all love our teams whether it's the Seahawks or Bills or Packers or even 49ers. So remember that next time you're sitting next to someone whose team is opposite yours. Be a good sport whether your team is the one winning or the one losing.

It's called respect. Being respectful seems to be something in general we've forgotten as a country. You can disagree and have a little fun over your opposing teams (or views) but don't get ugly about it.

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