Supply and Demand. A basic economic rule. That’s at play right now with KFC’s Crocs. They were going for $60. Then they sold out – quick. Now those who scooped them up are reselling them – for a profit. In some cases 10 times the original price.

Now some might see that and shake their head. Possibly some might see it as taking advantage. I see it as opportunity. I kinda respect the hustle actually.

I mean, no one is holding forcing me to pay $500 for a pair of KFC Limited Edition Crocs. That’s exactly what someone is doing on EBAY. I would never pay that much some KFC Crocs, but someone might. There are others who are a bit cheaper. If you consider $150 a bit more reasonable, there are plenty more to choose from.

In case you missed it, KFC Crocs were a limited item that sold out in thirty minutes. The Crocs feature the KFC Colors and logo with a small drumstick on the tip. Oh, and they smell like KFC Chicken.

KFC Crocs

Now, I am assuming if you purchase these, you are planning on wearing them ironically. Cause to me, nothing else makes sense. I am sure they would be a hit at the next party you attend.

I am sure that there are those who find them fun and whimsical. I see them as a conversation piece. Still, I am not paying ANY amount of money for these. But, I don’t judge. But I will admire from afar.


All My Best,

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