If you didn't know I'm a huge fan of the WWE and the Seattle Seahawks. I grew up watching Ric Flair in NWA and WCW and later WWE. I also grew up watching the Seattle Seahawks. I love sports entertainment and football and get a lot of joy watching my favorite sports.

Being from Washington State you are practically born a Seahawks fan, and I'm not sure how you can be a true fan and not be loyal to 'your' team no matter who they play. I like and even occasionally cheer for a few other teams but never over my Seahawks. I like wrestling and I've always been a fan of WWE, even during the Monday Night Wars I was loyal to WWE (Goldust is my favorite Superstar.) I liked WCW and Nitro but RAW and WWE always came first for me. Which is why I have a hard time understanding why Ric Flair (who is from Carolina) is giving a pep talk to the 49ers.

I know he has friends on the team they requested he show up and give them a pep talk, I get that Wrestlemaina 31 will be held in San Fransisco at Levi Stadium which creates a partnership between WWE and the 49ers. I understand that WWE put in the request with Flair.

One BIG problem...Ric Flair is from Carolina and they are in the playoffs and they are playing the 49ers this weekend. I have no issue with 'The Nature Boy' having two favorite football teams, but when you've supported your hometown team for so long it has to burn when an icon and friend from your city tells your opponents "my heart is with the 49ers all the way to the end." Now there is NO place for death threats but I understand why Panther fans and players are upset. Probably send a different superstar or legend, just my thoughts. Here is the video of the pep talk! Woooooooooo!

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