Well it's just about tax season, and along with finding all those receipts, there's one thing to keep in mind: watch out for scammers! Richland Police Captain, Mike Cobb, told KIMA, that scammers use this time to "prey upon your fear."

Here's what the scammers do: they use a computer-generated program to call people (it keeps going down the list until someone answers). Once someone picks up the phone, they pretend to be an employee of the IRS "by using fake names and fake ID badge numbers." Then they go as far as to threaten you with "arrest, deportation or with suspension of a license."

As you can imagine, these are pretty scary threats, and some people unfortunately fall victim. They sometimes request payments by wire transfers in order to avoid getting arrested, deported, etc.

There's one thing you should do if you get a phone call like this.....hang up. The IRS will never contact your by phone to "demand immediate payment using a specific payment."


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