Life for Desi, the kitten, aka 'Dumpy', had a very rough beginning. As shocking as it may seem, some people are capable of doing great harm to the most vulnerable among us, including domestic animals. Such was the case with 'Dumpy' and her sibling, who wasn't as lucky on that chilly March afternoon.

Outside of a medical clinic, someone passing by a parking lot dumpster could have sworn they heard faint meowing coming from inside the vast iron receptacle. Instead of just going on about their day, this big-hearted person stepped up and looked inside. She wasn't prepared for what she saw. A paper bag slightly opened contained not one, but two kittens, approximately 5 weeks old. One, sadly,  had not survived the ordeal, but the other one hadn't given up trying to get someone's attention to come to help her.

For the beautiful little kitten, help had arrived, and Desi was not only going to survive but be welcomed into a new home. It's definitely a family affair with everyone, Dad, Mom, and all three children, pitching in to take such good care of this special little kitty.

Six-year-old Maya is the one who insists upon calling her new friend 'Dumpy' because, after all, she reasons, "we found her in a dumpster". The rest of the family is sticking with Desi but I don't think she cares at all, as long as she's with her new family. Mom reports that Desi is now a seasoned 8 weeks old and is "super attached to her people".

Desi spends her days snuggling as much as possible and also enjoys car rides and even loves being toted around in a fanny pack, so she's never alone.

Your faith in humanity is crushed when you hear of a criminal act being committed such as the one which occurred in that parking lot dumpster, however, it can just as quickly be restored with the example set by this adopting family.

Desi 'Dumpy' Kitten

If you know of an animal in trouble or would like to adopt a wonderful companion for your family, one excellent option is contacting The Humane Society in Yakima.

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