A recent White House photo has not only me, but several others asking a question: Aren't you supposed to take off your hat inside? Not to mention that it's the White House of all places! Isn't it a matter of respect for the office? Or just a matter of respect in general?

Not according to some of President Donald Trump's most recent guests, who included Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. The group posed for several pictures with the president, but nobody seemed to be doffing their hats at any point during the tour.

I can still hear my grandma: "Nick, (that's my younger brother) take off your hat in the house!" My grandma Alice passed away seven years ago.

I have three sons, but none of them really wear hats so I don't know if they would even realize to take their hats off inside.

Is the no-hat respect thing lost on the younger generation, or just lost altogether?



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