When I wrote about the upcoming storm. I failed to mention or I suppose I didn't realize the wind was going to get wild. I hope you were prepared for it but either way, it seems nature had some redecorating plans.

I woke-up to my social media being flooded with gorgeous photos of people in the Tri-Cities and Tacoma area writing about how they had been jolted awake by thunder and through their blinds the sky was glowing.

Here is what the aftermath in Yakima, WA, and the surrounding areas is looking like. Feel free to add to our gallery by sending your photos via our app

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Turn up the volume if you love the sounds of thunder and rain. Carey J was enjoying the view from her backyard as the storm rolled through Oregon.

ThunderStorm Aftermath

Currently, parts of Selah are still without power.

It rolled through pretty quickly so hopefully, the cherry trees made it through.

I will leave you with this. From the wonderful weatherman Mike Mccabe who posted this photo of a Mammatus cloud, apparently he has only seen a cluster like this twice in his lifetime!

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