I am a big movie fan. I love the art, writing, acting - the whole process fascinates me.

So much so, that much to the consternation to those around me, I whip out the devices and log onto IMDB.com - The Internet Movie Data Base.

It's an app that gives you all the detailed info and trivia from your favorite movie. One of my all-time favorite movies is Ocean's 11 from 2001 starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Did you know that the cast gambled in between takes? You would have if you looked it up on IMBD.


Did you know it was supposed to be shot in Black and White? You know this if you read IMDB.

I use the app to get my movie information. It's fun to read about what went on behind the scenes, the stories of how that film was made.

I have a new appreciation for the process as I read how difficult and challenging this process can be. Lots of egos, lots of Hollywood politics, lots of inside info. I am fascinated by some of the simplest things.


The information for all intense and purposes is pretty useless - until trivia gets involved. Then I am a beast. I can tell you something on just about every mainstream movie I have seen, thanks to IMDB.

There are some spoil alerts to look out for. So, if you IMDB a movie, keep in mind, Spoiler alerts will be in red telling you one lies ahead so you can avoid it if you wish.


It's also fascinating to see where these movies are being filmed, the budget, the profit, the goofs and mistakes in these films. Sometimes it's small things. Like in the case of the 2008 Will Ferrell movie comedy 'Step Brothers'. One example shows a can that moves around in one of the scenes. First it's there, then its not, then its on the other side of the screen. You would never had noticed this, unless you read it on IMDB.


Again, this is movie nerd stuff. So, if you are checking out a movie this weekend, check out www.imdb.com and follow along. It might be fun, and you can join me in pointless trivia conversations!


All My Best,


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