Keeping the Christmas tree fresh during December is one of the worries a lot of folks have when they've decided to get a real tree for the holidays. Here are some tips for keeping your tree fresh and green.

  1. The Department of Entomology at Penn State University says you need to make sure you choose the right stand! One that holds a least a gallon of water at one time, that is about one quart per (the average) inch of stem in diameter.
  2. Make sure the cut is fresh. Sap starts to harden at the cut within a couple of hours, so when you get is home shave off a little once more to have a fresh cut for optimal moisture absorption.
  3.  Pick the perfect spot in your home, now that doesn't always mean right in the window... why? Your tree needs to be away from any heat source like a heater vent or fireplace, so if it has to go on the other side of the room and be less "eye appealing," well then that is what you need to do.
  4. Soak your new fresh tree over night, before you bring it inside. Before in comes in make sure to get all the dead needles off.
  5. Lastly of course, water it daily!

For the full article and more ways to keep your tree fresh, you can visit this Penn State link. 

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