Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Taco Bell wants to be on your menu ... but not in the way you might be thinking.

No, they don't want you to have a side of cheesy fiesta potatoes, and they don't want their Cinnatwists to be the main dessert. They certainly do not want you to have seven-layer burritos as a choice, either. But what they do want is to make what they are calling a Chickey Bisque.

Sounds fancy, right? All you need are their rolled chicken tacos. Then puree those puppies up and add ingredients like onions, broth and some chili powder.

You know, at first, it doesn't sound all that great --- not with just the pureed rolled chicken taco. But as you add the onions and some spice it doesn't sound half bad! Now, I do not own a pureeing tool, so I am counting on you to make it and let me know how it is!

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