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$865 Million In Mega Millions. Would You Share?
Have you purchased a Mega Millions ticket for tonight's drawing? The Jackpot amount is the second-largest in Mega Millions history, at $865,000,000. The largest jackpot came back in 2018 and was an astounding $1.5 BILLION. The previous largest amount was roughly $656,000,000 back in 2012, so, tonight's prize is significant.
Sold In Yakima, Is This The Winning Mega Millions Ticket?
Is this the winning Mega Millions Ticket worth an estimated $625,000,000? Well, I sure hope so, but as I write this, we're a little over an hour from the drawing which is slated for 8:00 PM Pacific Time. This jackpot is definitely considered BIG, although, the record was set back in 2018 when the winner(s) won the $1...
5 Steps You Must Take if You Win The Mega Millions Jackpot!
+++UPDATED: Tuesday, January 12th -- The rules below still apply, but now the Jackpot is sitting at $615,000,000 and the one-time payout would be $451,800,000. Wouldn't it be a great way to kick off 2021? Winning a lottery Jackpot?! What about the MEGA MILLIONS JACKPOT which stands at $447,000,000...