That high speed chase down U.S. Highway 12 the other morning (Monday) ended up in my father-in-law's yard. Actually, his tree ended it.

The guy was speeding down Highway 12 at 100 mph when Yakima County sheriff's deputies noticed him.

They tried to pull him over and that's when he decided to go even faster.

The guy tried to make a sharp turn going too fast, running straight into the tree in my father-in-law's yard. It happens a lot at that corner. My father-in-law has an old concrete culvert standing upright -- with dirt in it -- sitting at the corner. It's been hit multiple times.

Luckily, the guy didn't run into my in-laws' house or my house. And thankfully, he didn't injure anyone, just the tree.

The guy told the deputies that he was speeding because he was late to work.

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