You know the drill. It happens. Your S.O. asks you to go the store to buy some feminine products – and you as a guy have no idea what to get. You want to ask questions, but you don’t. You should, but you don’t want to. So, like most guys, I rely on instinct.

Big. Mistake.

It was a recent store visit I was implored to make. I didn’t want to do this. No guy does. Store runs for those mysterious fabric thingies. Heavy days? Light days? Pads? Tampons? Tampins? I got nothing.

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Lisa called me and asked me to grab some on the way home. So, I thought, “I got this.” Now, if you know me, I have no shame. I just don’t get embarrassed at much. So this was just another trip to the store.

So my mission when going to the store is to pick up the best deal on whenever I can. Hey, one thing I am great at is bargain shopping. I can find deals with the lights off.

So I make my way to the feminine products aisle. Wow, one thing is, ladies, you have a ton of choices.

So my focus was, as always, to find the best deal . I saw a packed for nearly $30. Nope! Ain’t no way Lisa would have that. So I kept looking. Further down the aisle, I see some pads for only $15. Score! And these have a 75% wider back! That's gotta be good right?

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I was proud of myself. I checked out, tucked them in my bag and headed home, prepared to share my bargain conquest. I proudly bust through the door, new found bargain in hand. I hand over the bag to Lisa. She looks in the bag and says, “What am I supposed to do with these?!?”

“What you usually do, with, those, things.

“Oh, so I wear diapers now?”, as she laughs.

“What are you talking about?”

“You just bought me extra absorption adult diapers.”

“Ummmm…well these have a 75% wider back.”

“You can’t tell the difference between diapers and pads?”

“Ummmmmm, I’m a guy?”

“Well, when you go back tonight, get these.” She hands me a note and walks off.

“But these were only $15 dollars!” I bellowed as she went to our bedroom.

Am currently getting ready to sleep on the couch tonight. After I go to the store – again.

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Anyone else have buyers fail on feminine products? Or is it just me?


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