Congratulations to The Cutie Candies, winners of the Naches Valley Middle School Battle of the Books 2016-17!

My little Shaylee, along her BBF Mara and two others girls, were on the team, competing in the daylong Battle of the Books against other fifth- and sixth-graders.

What is Battle of the Books? It's a reading incentive program for kids. The kids are given a list of books to read, then they form teams of three to four members. They compete in a full day "battle" in which teams earn points by answering questions about the books. Their point totals determine whether they advance to the next round.

Shaylee said that when they announced her team as the first-place winner she got teary eyed. She said that the girls get their names on the school trophy.

I'm so proud of her and all the kids who compete!

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