I've got a list here of the top unwritten rules in life everyone should know. And really, it barely scratches the surface. Because, if you haven't noticed, everyone is so darn rude these days. Except you. You're perfect:)

Here are the top eight unwritten rules in life everyone should know according to users of Reddit . . .

1. If you're not passing someone on the freeway, GET OUT OF THE LEFT LANE.

2. When someone shows you a picture on their phone, don't swipe left or right . . . you don't want to see something embarrassing.

3. When the host starts cleaning, the party's over and you need to go home.

4. Let people get off a bus, train, or elevator before you get on.

5. Don't make plans with friends, or talk about plans with friends, in front of people who weren't invited.

6. If there's an awkward silence, don't SAY, "Awkward silence" . . . because it just makes things worse, not better.

7. If someone's wearing headphones or trying to sleep on a plane, they don't want to talk.

8. Unless you're really broke or you're under 30, don't ask your friends to help you move. Hire movers.

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