It all started in March of 2020. We move in our new place with a hoard of boxes that held all our things. You know how it goes, unpacking takes time to conserve space, we collapsed the boxes and placed them in the garage where Lisa parks her car.

Since we sold some of our stuff before moving, we also had a budget to replace the things we had sold. So we ordered various pieces of furniture to decorate our new space. Most of those items came in a box (including the largest cardboard box EVER that our couch was shipped in). Over the weeks, the cardboard started piling up in the garage. It was stacked neatly in the corner and was starting to lean.

Back in Cali, recycling was basically mandatory for EVERYTHING. But here in Yakima, recycling is not as encouraged as we are used to. So we had little options to properly and easily dispose of them.

During this time, the stack of cardboard started to lean - as in leaning towards falling over. This was also next to Lisa's car. I planned on disposing of the cardboard this weekend - but the stack could not wait.

mirror 4
mirror 3
mirror 2

 Yesterday morning, I got a call from Lisa that the cardboard had collapsed on her car inside the garage.

The Great Cardboard Avalanche of 2020 had just taken place.

Lisa said she tried to drive around it. In doing so, she clipped the side of the garage and broke her passenger side mirror on her car.

She was not happy. I don't blame her. I should have taken care of it when it was still a mountain, but why put off today what you can do tomorrow, right?

Well, with crimes, come punishment. And the punishment should fit the crime. In this case, I get to pay for, replace and fix her mirror.

I tend to learn the hard way. In this case, I have learned never let cardboard gather to the point of avalanching. Procrastination – something I am really good at.


Lesson learned. Possibly.


All My Best,


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