A survey on life's "little wins" found the average person has something unexpected and good happen to them three times a week.  And the boost in happiness we get lasts 1 hour and 14 minutes.  Here are the Top 10 "little wins" we came up with. 


  1. Finding money in the pocket of an old coat. 


  1. Waking up to nice weather.


  1. Getting an unexpected gift in the mail.


  1. Getting into a bed with fresh sheets. 


  1. Traffic lights turning green as you're approaching. 


  1. Watching the sun set.


  1. Crossing off the last thing on a to-do list.


  1. Completing a do-it-yourself project on your own. 


  1. A winning lottery ticket, even if it's only a few bucks.


  1. Receiving a compliment from a complete stranger 

"Getting an extra hour in bed" just missed the Top 10 at #11.  And #12 is "when your favorite song comes on the radio." 


All My Best,

The JimShow

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