It’s one of those buttons on your car that you might not pay much attention too. You may not have even used it – and if you did, it may have been by accident.

I am talking about the button on your climate control system in your car. It is usually identified by showing a small pic of your car with a return arrow on it.

That would be the “air recirculation button”. When activated, the car's air conditioning system recirculates the air inside the car for cooling, instead of using air intake from the outside when NOT active.


So, what happens when you hit the “recirculate” button?

A couple things. Recirculating air in your car, especially on a hot day, will cool down the inside of the car quicker and put less stress on the car's blower motor and air compressor. That will help your car run better and longer.

The AC recirculates air inside the car. The recircualteed air can keeps getting cooler and cooler, instead of using air from the outside which would be much hotter.

Another benefit of recircualting air in your car is the engagement of another layer of filtering the air in your car. Should you roll up on a dusty road or there is smoke or particulates in the air you don’t want to breathe in, just hit the recirculate button. It will filter out most stuff and make it pleasant, healthier and more comfortable for those in your car. This of course is with the windows up.

Not to mention those with respiratory issues.


Should you leave it on all the time? It's not going to hurt to leave the recirculation on all the time. Air exchange happens when your doors are open, so you are good there.

Also, lack of oxygen or hypoxia, is not an issue. There's sciency stuff here. Let's just point out, no one has ever died or had health issues due to recircualted air conditioning.

So, later next week, when we hit temps in the 90’s again, remember to cool off your car quicker and more efficiently with that recirculation setting / knob.

All My Best,

The JimShow

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