It happened quickly – before I knew it, is was gone. My left eyebrow.

I pride myself on my grooming skills. I mean, this (me pictured) is not an accident.

brow before

Part of that work is facial hair trimming. I recently bought a Braun trimmer with attachments, including a guard for precision trimming. I use it for my beard mostly. But yesterday, I used it for my eyebrows.


You see, prominent eyebrows are a feature in my family. Dad had ‘em, grandfather had ‘em. And now, I got ‘em.

Now I declared war on those badboys a few years ago. They got to the point where they had a mind of their own. I mean they were out of control. Hairs going all kinds of different directions. There was no uniform. There was no order. Just eyebrow chaos running amuck.

In case you are keeping track - SO far, Braun Trimmer 1, Jim 0.

On Saturday, we were headed to dinner at Yakima Steak Company and I wanted to trim up. I got the beard taken care of. Now it was brow time. I set the guard to “4” setting on the trimmer which is meant for the brows.

I stated with my right side brow. All went well. Looked good. Trimmed. Even. Clean. I was winning. Then the turn for the left side. This is where we had a problem.

As I raised the trimmer I had that feeling something wasn’t right. As I engaged the Braun Trimmer to my left eyebrow and pushed you though my weeds known as eyebrows when the trimmer made a sound of a wood chipper had just thrown in a new tree to be mulched. I knew it immediately – I trimmed off my left eyebrow! What happened?!?


brow before 2



I looked in the mirror in disbelief! What have I done? They were gone! Left eyebrow, OUT!!

Those brows have not seen the light of day since I was an infant!

I was horrified. So I took a good look in the mirror. Yep, my left eyebrow - down to the stubble.

So what happened? Turns out as I switched from one hand to another, the guard slipped and fell to the lowest setting. A setting that would shave off my left eyebrow.


After getting over the initial shock of my accidental self-mutilation, I realized I need to do something about this. I have lived with women my entire life. I have learned a thing or two. I know how to compensate. So I did what any sane person would do – I trimmed my right brows down to almost nothing in an attempt to get some sort of match.

The results were, as they say – meh.

After showing Lisa, and after watching her laugh at me hysterically for about 10 mins, she said the words that I was dreading – “Well, at least it will grow back.”

So, until then, I will be wearing a lot of hats, sunglasses and getting a new trimmer – and have a professional from here.

When you see me on the streets, feel free to ask me about it. Will give you a personal guided tour of what used to be my eyebrows.

All My Best,

The JimShow

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