By now,  you and 20,000 of your closest country-music-loving friends are crammed into the Gorge Amphitheatre near George for three days of country music. It's called the Watershed Music Festival, and it's celebrating its sixth year.

Some are Watershed veterans and some are Watershed newbies. Some like to camp ... and then there are those of us who are perfectly happy driving back and forth each day. It means that we get to sleep in our bed, not endure noise that keeps us awake and that we get to enjoy a hot shower without waiting in line.

For those of you traveling to Watershed daily, here are some tips:

  • Always have a designated driver.
  • Parking is free, but you can't leave your car overnight.
  • Traffic can be tricky. Give yourself extra time to get to the venue. You wouldn't want to miss out on your favorite artist.
  • Don't forget the stuff you'll need for each day -- money, sunscreen, blankets, jackets and an empty water bottle that can be filled up at the various water stations inside the Gorge.
  • Download the Watershed app. It can come in handy when trying to find your friends who have wandered off.

Most importantly ...

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... have fun!

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