Covid hit us all pretty hard, small businesses had to close their doors and companies had to make cutbacks leaving a lot of people unemployed. If you were like me losing your job wasn't much of an option and the job hunt was scarce.

However, I was lucky enough to have a friend reach out with a new job opportunity which leads me to live here in Yakima. Knowing how hard it's been on people I thought I'd try to pass on the kindness I received from both my friend and everyone here at 92.9 the bull and of course you. Here's a list of some places hiring in Yakima and the starting pay. Hopefully, this lands you a new job.

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Panera Bread

Multiple jobs are available at the Yakima Panera Bread, starting off at both part-time and full-time. They have opportunities to grow within the shop and a lot of perks as well. Go behind the scenes and see what makes the sandwich shop work even learn how to bake. Application HERE


Hiring for stock workers Costco has an amazing company and thriving policy to help you grow. There are also positions available as a Customer Service Associate, letting you work with customers up close and help resolve problems and find solutions. Find the application HERE

Nob Hill Starbucks Barista

Obsessed with a good cup of coffee? Find out how to make your favorite drinks while connecting with people in your community. Starbucks offers higher than part-time pay and full-time pay along with no experience being required. Application HERE

Best Buy

Hiring for a car installer, ME Manager and, Geek Squad member. Have a love for technology or cars, Best Buy is offering. some great opportunities for you to grow inside a tech world. Application is HERE

Home Depot

Looking to find warehouse support Home Depot is looking to hire asap. Hard work like this can be very rewarding, if you're good with your hands and organization this could be just the place for you. You can apply by clicking HERE

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