What if you could get connected to resources like addiction counseling, suicide prevention, homeless services, job counseling, and youth programs instantly? Well now you can, and you'll only have to dial three digits! People for People is an organization that supervises the 2-1-1, a phone line dedicated to helping "people find shelter, housing, get health referrals, get connected to social service organizations and much more."

According to KIMA, "the agents at 2-1-1 in Yakima are a bilingual staff," but what if you speak Korean, Russian, or Indian? Not to worry, they have interpreters to help! With high crime, domestic violence, and homelessness number in Yakima, this is a great resource to get people connected with the services they need.

What's great about this service is that you can use 2-1-1 all over the country; so if you ever find yourself in need help, you can always find an organization near you. Below are some of the different types of resources you can get help with.

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