If you misread that as “librarians”, my apologies.

No, it’s Libertarians. As in lovers of liberty.


Are you like me? Can’t wait for this election to end? Yeah, me too. This Two-Party System is KILLING me. It seems like we are stuck with it – at least until now.

Today, you have a choice. You are invited to join the Naked Libertarian Party!


For the uninitiated, Libertarians all about freedom, liberty, responsible spending, smaller government and minimal regulation. All around, they are about robust common sense and personal responsibility. Sounds good right?


It’s appealing. So why can’t Libertarians get the same attention as Democrats and Republicans? Who knows? They are frustrated about it. So much that they have taken to extremes to get attention – good or bad.

In Oregon and Washington they are trying to garner attention for their political party by holding naked rallies.

Yep. Naked.


They feel the media is spending too much time on “mainstream” candidates. They also feel ignored in local races. So, naked Libertarians held signs on a bridge connecting Oregon and Washington State.

Gary Dye a Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate says “It is shameful that Libertarians have to do desperate things in order to get any media attention."


So true. But is this the right kind of attention?

Would you join the Naked Libertarian? Are you frustrated enough to leave your clothes at home and wave a sign?

Now to be clear, you don’t have to go sans clothes to join the Libertarian Party. Just bring your logic and common sense – and your clothes.


All My Best,

The JimShow

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