Oct. 1 is National Hair Day, and despite popular belief, the day was actually founded by NuME to celebrate the styling tools and hair care products that we use to help us feel our most beautiful selves!

I am blessed to have "easy hair" to tame. It's straight when needed and curly when I apply the right product. I am also blessed to have my mom as my stylist, so when things don't go as planned I can trust she will fix it! Or when I decide I want to take my blond hair to a dark brunette color, and then back to blond ... trust me when I say things went south fairly quickly when my beautiful hair turned a Pepto-Bismol pink. If it weren't for my mom and the products she had on hand I would have had to go to school with pink hair! Needless to say I am VERY thankful for how far our styling products have come!

So today while you are getting ready and applying that hot curling iron to your locks or coating your hair with mousse for flawless shine and maximum strength, give a soft thank-you to those inanimate objects that don't have feelings but deserve to be appreciated for all the work they do!

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