When people tell me that nothing good is going on in the Yakima Valley I have to question where they get their information. JC Penny just opened up this past week in Union Gap, Cabelas opened today and now Twigs Martini Bar and Bistro is ready for your business. So what is "Twigs?" It's an upscale restaurant and martini bar. I've eaten at the Tri-Cities location this past summer and it was pretty tasty. Twigs is located next to Chico's in the Valley Mall area. They don't just cater to the martini crowd, they also have a kid menu too. Should be fun to have another cool place to eat in the Yakima area. Enjoy!


Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar; an epicurean delight. We offer sophisticated yet casual restaurants that can and will meet your every need. Our mission is to provide a unique but gratifying dining experience where the menu and service compliment each other to achieve perfect harmony. Regulars will not only be greeted by name, but with their favorite beverage or menu item known by our service staff. Our growth can be attributed to the active role our guests play in responding to our menu items which we take very seriously. Whether you are meeting friends after work, having a business lunch, family dinner or a special occasion, we know any of our Twigs Restaurants will compliment your event.