Last year the West Valley school district voted to rebuild both Summitview Elementary and Apple Valley Elementary, however, in order to do that they had to rehome both elementary schools for two years. The solution? Moving the Freshmen over to the high school and putting BOTH elementary in the freshman campus.

Gunner and I stopped by the duel elementary school building yesterday to record some new pledges, and we were amazed to see what the schools have done to get along.

You walk into the office and you notice that it is divided, both schools have their own secretaries, and they are accompanied by banners overhead that let you know what schools secretary you are speaking with (Apple Valley on the left and Summitview on the right).

We were escorted around the school with Apply Valley's Principal Mrs. Sutton, to make the one building work for both schools they had to make some adjustments. One of those being some classes had to combine, and as crazy as that sounds-- after being in those classrooms I must say they are getting along really well and the kids don't seem to mind.

They also have classrooms in the library, and weight room to make it work, and you know what-- it is working.

But it wouldn't be working the way it is if they didn't have the leadership they have. Both Gunner and I were beyond impressed with how knowledgable Mrs. Sutton is with the new building. As we were walking around she knew exactly where every classroom was located and I think the cherry on top was watching her recognize every child in the hall.

Mrs. Sutton gives credit to her staff and the staff at Summitview for why this is working so well, she says the staff works so well together and they all understanding.

All in all, its a tight fit but I think they are getting alone very well and I can't wait for Easton to attend the new Apple Valley Elementary school!


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