Have you ever been to an event and parked your car in a big lot, went in and enjoyed your time, then gone back to the parking lot and you COULD NOT FIND YOUR CAR? I shared a hack with Gunner this morning that he didn't know about -- and it's right on his phone!

It is so, so simple. All you have to do is take out your phone while you are standing next to your car (THIS IS KEY -- for obvious reasons). Then, with your phone unlocked, tap open your maps. With your maps open, take your finger and hold it down on your GPS tracker spot and drop a pin to mark the spot where your car is. Now go and have fun at your event. Once you're done and you are ready to get back to your car, take your phone back out, swipe it to unlock it and again tap open your maps. Now you will see your GPS tracker dot where you are standing and you will also be able to see the pin that you dropped by your car. All you have to do is tap the pin and you will get directions from where you are to where your pin is located. You really don't even need to get the directions, you can just leave open your map and just use it for a reference while you find your way!

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