If you have ever been to one of Yakima's "Food Truck Rally" events or had the pleasure of seeing the Alder Street Food Cart Pod in Portland, Oregon (I affectionately call it "Food Truck Alley"), then you know the power of attraction a food truck has on a foodie!

It seems that everyone is in a "voting" kind of mood, especially with the Yakima Herald's annual "Readers' Choice" poll, so we are coming up with a voting poll one of our own! Our poll, however, is only about one of our favorite things to talk about, think about and dream about: FOOD TRUCKS!

Vote now for your favorite Food Truck in the Yakima Valley! We will present the winning truck with a fancy certificate and some well-deserved bragging rights!

You can vote once a day. Voting ends Monday, July 23rd at 8 a.m.

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