It can be pretty rough in the economic world of having a career or even a J-O-B. The good news is for us here in Washington state is that according to a recent study, Washington suffers the least when it comes to a hiring struggle to find new employees who actually want to, y'know, work.

Source: WalletHub

Wallet Hub does a lot of state-by-state surveys and I just love to see where we land. I get excited when I see Washington is in the top 10. Even more so when it's first place out of 51 (they count Washington DC) in something of a positive light.

According to Wallet Hub:

Washington Hiring Struggle Stats
Job openings rate during the latest month: 4.00%

Job openings rate in the past 12 months: 4.83%

Overall rank: smallest hiring struggle in the country

Our friend on the west coast are doing great, too. California came in 4th place while Oregon is in 6th place. All in the top 10.

I feel bad for those places were it is a struggle to find someone.

West Virginia is the worst state for this followed by South Carolina, Alaska, Colorado, and Minnesota.

They were looking at job opening rates from the last month as well as job opening rates from the last 12 months.

If you know someone across the US looking for a job, looks like WA is the place to be.


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