My social media accounts are all open: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat @michelem929. I like being able to connect with my Bull family members, and this makes it easy for them to reach out to me for whatever the reason.

But it also means that my accounts are open to weirdos and catfish.

It seems I may have caught a catfish on Instagram. I noticed that I had a new follower, which was no big deal. I get them from time to time. I usually check them out before I decide whether to follow back. After checking out this guy, I decided not to follow him. He's also started liking pictures that I post on Instagram.

After a few days I got a notice that someone had sent me a DM. Since I wasn't following him it was a request. I clicked on the message out of curiosity. Here is what it said:

Townsquare Media, Michele Mathews
Townsquare Media, Michele Mathews

Now, normally I'm not one who is at a loss for words, but this is the first catfish I've come across. Usually, I can come up with something clever with a sarcastic bite.

And then I thought, "My Bull family will have some clever, choice words for this catfish. They'll know how to fry him up!"

What clever, sarcastic message should I send to my catfish?

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