Did you catch the mini-twister or tornado that blew through Gleed Thursday afternoon? I was upstairs in my bedroom when I heard the wind start to pick up. I started to hear the howl of the wind. That got my attention, but I just thought due to the rain we had on and off through the day that it was just a passing storm. But then the wind got worse and the house started to shake and make a horrible sound!

Before I realized what had just happened, it was gone. As I started to make my way downstairs to check on the kids, my son Jackson was heading up the stairs to find me. His eyes where huge! He said, "Mom, the trampoline is in the field next to our house." Then, he noticed that a tree in our front yard was pulled out of the ground!!

We went out to inspect the damage and discovered that one of the other trees was split.

We just kinda stood there in disbelief looking at the damage. We planted those trees 14 years ago when we built the house. As the sadness about the loss of a tree crept in, I told myself that the tree is replaceable. Everyone was safe. That's what mattered.

Have you experienced a twister or tornado in Yakima? How rare are they?

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