It's a roller coaster of emotions for me as I watch each episode of the seventh and final season of "True Blood."

Sad -- because my favorite show with my beloved characters will not be seen again.

Happy -- to finally see my favorite show with my favorite characters after a whole year.

Nervous -- about what will happen to my favorite characters this season.

Worried -- that they will give such an awesome show a lame ending like "The Sopranos."

Last night's episode had me upset to say the least!

So Season 6 ended with my Eric Northman burning in the sun, leaving everyone to wonder if he would live or meet the true death.

Season 7 started with no sign of Eric, but his child Pam was searching for him. Well, at the end of last night's episode Pam found Eric, but he was obviously sick with the Hep V virus, which kills vampires.

What a lame way to kill off a 1,000-year-old viking vampire! He deserves a noble true death!

What do you think about Eric having the Hep V virus?

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