Our Watershed Random Act Of Bullness winner is (caution: have your Kleenex handy) ... Lacey Layman.

Here's what she wrote on her entry:

Thank you for this opportunity for people to see if they're worthy of this great gift! The reason I am putting an entry in is because my fiance and I would REALLY love to go to Watershed this year.


We actually had tickets and a big rig camp pass for the first Watershed that took place. We invited his brother and wife to come along and needless to say we were all VERY EXCITED! It was brand new and sounded awesome! Plus a few of us have never seen a concert at the Gorge. We got our tickets right when they went on sale. As time went by we became more and more excited about the opportunity.

My fiance's aunt fell ill shortly after our purchase. She had been battling ovarian cancer for the past three years or so and gone into remission the year prior. The cancer had returned. Of course, we instantly think "She's got this! She's done it before and she's strong, she will be fine." Unfortunately the cancer had become very aggressive and things weren't looking promising.

As time went on, she fought hard against the cancer but wasn't able to win the battle this time and we had been informed that she was terminal. We (my fiance, myself, his brother and wife that were initially going with us and the family) spent as much time as we possibly could with her. She was like a mother to my fiance and his brothers and I myself had become very close to her over the past six years at this time. It was devastating, but she fought hard until the end. As the months leading to Watershed went by, she became more ill. The week of Watershed arrived and we were excited but also had heavy hearts for Aunt Val's state. That Thursday before Watershed had come and we had also learned that Aunt Val might not make it through the weekend. We made the clear decision that it was not best for us all to leave that weekend in case something had happened. It was too short of notice for us to sell the tickets so we just put them aside, as Val was much more important at the time. That Sunday of Watershed, Aunt Val passed away, losing her battle with ovarian cancer. My fiance and his family, including myself were devastated. We had truly lost an amazing woman and it was unfair.

Each year that Watershed had approached, we had almost felt guilty to want to go as it brought up memories. Now, almost five years later it is the fifth Watershed and we still would love to go. Now that there are two opportunities to attend, we can still celebrate Aunt Val's life and potentially enjoy Watershed if selected. Thank you again for the opportunity for people to share their stories! Aunt Val Sippola was a real cowgirl and would have LOVED Watershed herself!


Lacey Layman

And that's why we're sending her to this summer's Watershed Music Festival at the Gorge Amphitheatre.

Thank you to everyone who entered! Stay tuned ... The Bull still has another pair of Watershed passes to give away.


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