Check out this video. A guy in Michigan saw what he thought was a koala on his fence. He was extremely excited about it, too! He ran down to get a closer shot ... and it's clearly an opossum. But the entire time he is calling in a koala, and it's hysterical!

It made me think WHY he thought it was a koala. Did he miss that day in elementary school? Has he never seen one before and saw that it climbs and went with "koala?" Or did he simply just "miss-ID" the animal, meaning to say opossum?

I showed a picture of an opossum to my 7-year-old daughter and she didn't know what it was. So maybe he just didn't learn what it was?

We may never know. In any case, it's a great video. Check it out below.

NSFW: Profanity in the video.

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