The bride wore a summer dress and a flower in her hair, the bridesmaids were dressed in their finest Sunday School wear, the DJ put on an Afro wig and the minister had on a jacket he was still growing into.

And everybody giggled a lot.

Hunter Olden and Nikki Cleary couldn't have asked for a happier occasion.

Miss Cleary, who teaches third grade at St. Paul Cathedral School in Yakima, and her fiance are getting married next month -- officially -- with an older, taller minister in Naches. But Wednesday was all about sharing their love for each other and for each member of Miss Cleary's class.

So the couple, who have been sweethearts since they went to West Valley High School together, staged a pre-wedding ceremony in Cleary's classroom to make sure none of the kids or their families missed out.

Everybody had a role in the ceremony -- bridesmaids, groomsmen, planners, music, refreshments. The roles were determined by essays all the kids wrote explaining what part they wanted to play.

Nine-year-old Jack Boutillier wasn't sure how he wound up being the minister, but he was happy to heed the calling.

"Magic happened, I guess," he said.

Yep. Sure seemed like it.