When the rest of the world hears "Yakima", they either think of Yakima bike racks or that iCarly episode when her Grandpa moves to get some of that "fresh Yakima air". Foodies think of something else when they hear Yakima, though.

Foodies might think of the James Beard award-winning tamales from that famous restaurant in Union Gap, or they might think of a certain popular local burger joint that used to have a 24-hour drive-thru before COVID (it now closes at 2 am). When somebody new comes to town, let's take 'em to someplace weird but delicious, a place they could never find anywhere else in the world but here in Yakima!

A place where they can wear their most outlandish wig (or toupee). A place where you can bring your weird and/or creepy friends (or not) and they'll blend right into the atmosphere. A place where the restaurant's name is just as gossip-worthy as the food. A place to see and be seen, and only in the finest of the Palm Springs of Washington!

  • Purr: The Whiskey-Sour drinks and delicious Fish-n-Chips are simply PURRFECT.
  • Crafted: The menu is always changing, so I don't know what to tell ya. The name is weird but the food is divine.
  • Erik the Mercedes Kid: The chef gets his talent for making excellent Mexican food from his momma, Ms. Mercedes! I recommend the tamales and everything else on the menu.
  • Famous Burger & Teriyaki: I've had some onion rings from there before, if I'm not mistaken. Pretty damn good food.
  • Wildfired Pizza: Not really a weird name but they made the list, so there's that.
  • Backwoods Cafe: The big city gal in me had to swallow her pride to walk into a place called "backwoods", but honey, let me tell you, it's the best restaurant breakfast in town! Call me a Backwoods fan!
  • Captain Crab and Ramen: I have yet to eat at this place, but if I'm going out on a limb here, I'm going to say they have both ramen AND crab available! Crazy name to boot.
  • Pho King Crab: Enough with the pho+king jokes, okay? I'm sick and pho king tired of these juvenile jokes, you got it?
  • Winey Dogs: People have fallen in love at first bite. Weird name but lovely winey dogs. (I get mine with cream cheese, sauteed onions, omigosh!.

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