We're delivering the chance to win Watershed three-day passes to YOU while you work. It's our latest "Random Act of BULLness."

We dropped by Apex Plumbing on Monday to surprise Lindsey with a "Random Act of BULLness." Watch it happen here.

Let us know where you work here, and we could be dropping in on you unannounced with goodies from Viera's Bakery & Deli in Yakima and of course your shot at the tickets.

How do you win the tickets? Simple. We have BULL playing cards and we removed the aces and the faces, and added a single WINNING CARD. After a shuffle and a cut, if you draw the winning card, you're going to Watershed! Simple as that. The odds get better after every losing draw. We are currently at a 1-in-34 chance of winning.

Enter the contest here! We'll keep playing until we have a winner.

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